… an empowerment and education resource broker connecting organizations to innovative solutions that aid in success and sustainability.

Our Mission

Breaking cycles of abuse and poverty through creative collaborations.


Our Vision

A community where people have the opportunity to be the change they want to see in the world.



Make Creative Connections through Education and Empowerment:  

Our volunteers, sponsors, partners, and affiliates are AWESOME!  The Infusion,Inc. (TI2) synthesizes with hard-working, passionate, exciting, creative leaders who see a better world and are willing to embrace individual concerns do the holistic, sustainable, and rewarding work required to restore communities in crisis.


By facilitating relationships with organizational leaders; we help maximize efficiency, effectiveness, effort, education, and empowerment by actively demonstrating the importance of collaboration towards a holistically healthy community.

Infusion Incubator – Nonprofit Startups, Grant Writing, Conferences, TEDedClubs

Infusion Outreach – ACT-SO, CYC, Tutoring, Transportation

Infusion Education – The Art Experience, The Porch (girls and women)


Having worked with local communities for decades we understand systemic change goes hand-in-hand with mentality change. We partner with organizations and projects that share in the following areas:

The Arts

Family Engagement

Professional Development

One person really does make a difference...

Humble beginnings-2010

We started a nonprofit, “to be able to get contributions to feed the homeless.” During our first year, we found ourselves partnering with 5 local churches, 3 major organizations, and 10 grassroots causes to help organize and increase their new or existing community outreach efforts.

We got calls all hours of the day and night requesting donation deliveries or pickups. We were always on the way or ready to call a partner organization so they could be on the way to get the contributions to people in need of basic supplies, furniture, and clothing. We cooked and served meals for Trinity Soup Kitchen and other metro area shelters on a weekly basis.

NO good deed goes unpunished

There was one instance where we were requested for a large donation (6 pallets). The pickup was about 45 minutes one way but there were clothes, shoes, and winter coats ready to distribute. We were blessed with 8 pallets and I still wonder how they fit. On the return trip the trailer tire blew out and they we sat stranded while doing good!

Food for the Soul

Initially, we thought we were providing food and clothes to the homeless and those in need but we quickly learned through projects like Maximum Impact Love, Trinity Soup Kitchen, and Hope and Life Thanksgiving outreach that what the world needs most is love.

We encourage our volunteers to interact with the people as they are being served. Our most productive outreach activities have resulted from partnerships with local churches and civic organizations. Without fail someone will say, “I came to be a blessing and lift them up and they ended up encouraging me”!!

We love it when we are met in the trenches with love and compassion.

In the Nick of Time

Toys for Tots warns organizations not to schedule their toy giveaway before they have received the toys. This particular year we didn’t listen and not only did we schedule an event…it was a huge County-sponsored event. Reporters were present, a local hotel catered the food, children were excited (so excited they didn’t realize we had NO toys!)

The event started at 11 and our toy pickup was for 11 the same day. Our pickup went off without a hitch and thankfully “Santa” showed up with a truck and trailer full of toys, everyone ate, everyone played, and the children got toys! Mr. Durden, was transformed into Santa (paper belly and all). It was a good day.

Women Empowerment (Red Tent)

In partnership with 100 Black Women of Atlanta, Hagar’s House Women and Children Shelter, Red Tent Atl., Women of Purpose, and others, The Infusion Inc. has provided emotional and spiritual support through group sessions, visioning, and life coaching to over 250 women in transition.

Learning to find the underlying cause of recurring challenges so we can move forward into health and wellness was always a blessing.